Simmie Goes to SarkSimmie Cover

By Wendy Hill with illustrations by Louise Hill

Simmie goes to the island of Sark where he makes friends with Joffa who is unlike any boy he has ever met before, having mysterious powers and the ability to communicate with animals. This opens up a strange new world of magic and adventure for Simmie as the two boys team up to rescue a horse called Hero, and dash to the aid of Miss Elizabeth who is in danger of being kidnapped by savage invaders. Simmie is the creation of poet Wendy Hill who moved to Sark five years ago. This is her first book for children and was inspired entirely by the island and those who live here. The book is beautifully brought to life with illustrations by Wendy’s daughter and artist Louise Hill. Louise worked as a book illustrator in London for eight years but now lives in Tanzania where she has her own studio. 74 pages, full colour. Available at various island outlets or order online.
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