A Year in SarkA Year in Sark cover

September 2009 to September 2010
by Sue Daly

Based on the popular ‘News from Sark’ feature on the Sark Tourism web site, this book records the day to day life of one of the smallest Channel Islands. It features a huge variety of events, celebrations and activities from school plays and flower shows to concerts, coffee mornings and the infamous sheep racing. On an island of incredible natural beauty, seasonal changes in Sark’s wildlife are also recorded, both above water and below. Most importantly this book reveals that Sark is so much more than just a wonderful holiday destination. It’s home to a vibrant, working community where the ethos of serving the island runs through much of every day life. ‘A Year in Sark’ captures this remarkable community spirit in words and pictures and is a fascinating record of those who live in this unique and beautiful island.
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